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Anti-Dust Deoxidizer Sachets factory
Xiangtan Hongda Dampproof Preservation Technology Development Co., Ltd. founded in 2013, who has been a senior technology from adsorbents industrial field in China. It’s great honor to press our greetings and best wishes for you here.
Hongda is a manufacture specialized in deoxygenation, dust and humidity protection, absorbent, desiccant for many years, the adsorbents are more safely than traditional preservatives and additives. Hongda has established an improved system with research, raw materials processed, production, marketing sales and services along with years development, and the quality certification system got ISO 9001 approval . All the products from Hongda has pass though the national tests and third-party tests and gained the certificate of qualification like Toxicological test report, SGS test report, National inspection report etc.
Hongda can offer a complete range of products and solutions for keeping your valuable products, extending the products’ shelf life and protecting your products free from problems of oxidation, moisture and humidity with our professional technology, rich experience and perfect production system and dedicated service quality. Hongda is not just a supplier but the reputable partner of many brands in China and got highly praise from overseas clients. Clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Hongda.
Our tenet is“quality first, credit standing paramountcy, price in reason, delivery in time”. Hongda would try best to create value for customers with integrity, strength and quality and never stop to improve the quality system.
Hongda have a special type of adsorbent with dual functions which can not only take out the oxygen but also absorb the moisture from a sealed package products. Most normal oxygen absorbers need moisture help the absorbers to begin absorbing but it also transfers a small amount of moisture to the product it is protecting. In the case of the product is extremely important to keep the product dry. Our triple-proof & dual-function product combined the functions from desiccant and oxygen absorber which does no need moisture to absorb oxygen and also can absorb the moisture from the package. Our competitive scavenger can meet more demands from different clients for many kinds of products. Especially, this newer dual-function absorber can be prevented itself suffer from dust, oil and water for that we have used a very special packing membrane. Usually, the dual-effect adsorbent used in Food, Medicine and pharmaceutical products .The sachet adsorption combine the functions absorb O2&H2O then can extend the shelf life of products and protect the products from going bad in short time. This oxygen & moisture absorb agent is extremely safe from all tests and it can be customize for different sized packages and containers.
The type of high efficacy polymer desiccant which with natural plant compositions is developed by Hongda’s professional technology team. This powerful dry agent have 8-10 times rate of adsorption from traditional silicon gel, Calcium chloride and other types. It is the the newest and most advance product in desiccant industry around the world with best efficiency adsorption.
※Important Features
Stronger moisture adsorption: the powerful desiccant have the 8-10 times rate of adsorption from traditional silicon gel, Calcium chloride and other types. The moisture adsorption can be 250-300% of the desiccant’s own weight.
High safety: the food-grade contents from the sachets would become gel after absorbed moisture and would not reverse osmosis or leak out.
Intuitively visibility: the sachets all used translucent design for observing the extend of moisture absorbing.
Eco-friendly: the prodcut with non-toxic tasteless and without environmental pollution after use.
High speed adsorption: Double speed of moisture adsorption than normal silicon gel, Calcium chloride and other types.
Highly cost effective: the proposed dosage is smaller than normal desiccant for the stronger adsorption then the cost can be lower down for clients.
Hongda have developed a new type sachets can control the moisture for the products with high demands on moisture. For example, the sealed packaged products suffering from the moisture too much or too dry, the 69% moisture control bags would regain or absorb the moisture then keep the sealed environment maintained in 69% moisture. For the different temperature, about ±3% discrepancy here and would finally to 69% as demands. Different demands on products we can customize for our clients.
Oxygen absorber is a specially packaged sachet with high barrier composite film and used to put into a sealed package products for absorbing the Oxygen and self oxidation. Then the product would be keep fresh and protected from anaerobion which is one kind of yeast can lead the products spoiled. The adsorbent can maintain the protein of the products then reach the purpose keeping the products fresh with it’s original color, flavor and taste. Our high efficiency adsorption’s capacity is 2-3 times from traditional preservatives. And our food grade oxygen absorbers have passed through FDA tests without any hazardous substance to help your consumers stop suffer from preservatives additive.
Silica Gel Desiccant is a highly activated adsorbent with available silica gel that is available in the form of granules or spheres of various sizes. The silica gel named Silicon Dioxide which with stable chemical composition and physical structure. What makes this desiccant so versatile is the fact that it absorbs molecules of water into its internal pores and leaves no by products or chemical reaction. It is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic with excellent capacity for physical dehumidification.
Activated Clay Desiccant is solids hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Activated Sepiolite Clay is the main hygroscopic substance which is natural and non-toxic. Super adsorbent provide an extremely high rate of moisture adsorption, come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and compounds and can be designed to accommodate any application.
Air purifying adsorbent also named odor adsorption and used for living. The absorbers can scavenge formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, xylene, radon, and other harmful indoor gasses. It is widely used for Refrigerator, wardrobe, car, air conditioner, kitchen, bathroom, decorated room etc. The adsorption also used for things’ shortage like medicine, food, electrical appliances, leathers or used in the internal filling of mattresses, sofas, toys and other daily necessities, as well as the purification of water quality. Activated carbon and bamboo are the raw porous materials and have large surface area and strong absorbility to scavenge odors.
※Our inventory products
●Oxygen absorbers
− Model 30 Oxygen absorbers
− Model 50 Oxygen absorbers
− Model 100 Oxygen absorbers
− Model 150 Oxygen absorbers
− Model 200 Oxygen absorbers
− Customized●Food grade dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Model 30 dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Model 50 dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Model 100 dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Model 150 dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Model 200 dual-effect Oxygen &Moisture absorbers
− Customized
●Food grade desiccant
− Clay desiccant
− Silica gel desiccant
− Super Adsorbent Polymer Desiccant
− Customized●Desiccant for other industries
− Clay desiccant
− Silica gel desiccant
− Calcium chloride desiccant
− molecular sieve desiccant
− Super Adsorbent Polymer Desiccant
− Customized
●2-way Humidity Control Packs
− 32% Coffee
− 49% Woods、Food、Condiments、Nuts
− 59% Herbs
− 65% Cigar
− 69% Cigar、Food
− 75% Cigar、Condiments
− 85% Cigar packs、Condiments、Snuff●Air purifying adsorbent.
※The industries we service include:
− Pastry foods: cake, pie, macaroons, bread, biscuits, cookies etc.
− Leisure foods:puffed food, dried fruits , nori, candy etc.
− Nuts foods: melon seeds, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews etc.
− Dried meat products:jerky, ham, sausage, bacon, dried meet floss etc.
− Dried vegetable foods:dried agaric, seaweeds, dried kelp etc.
− Dried aquatic products:dried fish, cucumber, abalone etc.
− Other foods: tea, tobacco, cigar, seeds etc.For other industries
●Shipping and Storage
※ Contact us
Address: No.9 Yunlong East Road Tianyi Economic Development Zone,Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China.
Tel: 86-731-57881029   86-731-57881030
Export Department Email: abby-wong01@sorbentindustry.comAnti-Dust Deoxidizer Sachets factory
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