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Aluminium roll 3003 products
3XXX aluminum alloy with high plasticity, we can supply the aluminum sheet normally for the following usage:
checkered sheet, such as diamond bar, two bar, three bar and five bar, which can be used in antiskid usage on floor, fire car, and in usage of truck case, decoration;
Stucco or embossed aluminum sheet, which can be used in decoration, refrigerator, etc.
Mirror aluminum using for light, solar panel, decoration, ACP and reflection material.
The related alloy is: 3003
Tepmer is: H14, H24, H112, H25, etc.
3XXX also can be used in caps, such as alloy 3105, and also other alloy such as 3004, 3005, DC material and CC material, if you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact me, let’s talk the order.
Please note: Specification can be produced as per your need. Waiting for your enquiry.Aluminium roll 3003 products
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